Gmr Varalakshmi Dav Public School

GMR Nagar, RAJAM Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh 532127

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The G.M.R.Group is one of the fastest growing industrial groups in the country and their focus of attention is on infrastructure development through Energy, Roads, Airports & Agri Business. They also serve the society through the G.M.R Varalakshmi Foundation and the school is one of such projects to serve the society by providing quality education to the rural children. The GMR Varalakshmi Foundation is successfully running Engineering college in Rajam and anoher  DAV school in Palakonda.
The GMR Group’s value and beliefs include humility, entrepreneurship, team work and relationship.  The group values the intellectual modesty and dislike false pride and arrogance seeks opportunities, going beyond the individual, encourage boundary less behavior. They value the deep sense of responsibility and self discipline to meet the surpass on commitments made.
They also nurture curiosity to question, share and improve learning process, social responsibility is shared in anticipation by meeting he emergency needs of society. They also believe in dignity, sensitivity and honour of individuals.
GMRV Foundation is the Charitable Trust under the GMR Group which serves the society bountifully. They also cater to the needs of the poor, sick, unemployed and uneducated.  Varalakshmi D.A.V. Public school is the embodiment of the vision of the Group Chairman to provide quality education in rural area like Palakonda and Rajam with such fabulous infrastructure and qualitative staff.


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GMR Varalakshmi DAV Public SchooL
GMR Nagar, RAJAM – 532 127
Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh.
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Tel No :: 08941 252676,9440448018,9441053575

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